Eaux de vie and liqueurs

Our full range of eaux de vie and liqueurs grown in the terroir. These alcohols are traditionally distilled from spring water from the Vosges Mountains, whose purity is essential to the creation of high-quality products.

Eaux de vie

A fruit eau de vie, or white eau de vie, is made by fermenting or macerating the fruit and then distilling it into a liquor.

Ours use only the best raw materials, chosen for their freshness and high quality. Our selection of products is representative of Alsatian expertise in fruit distilling.

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Our natural liqueurs are produced using traditional methods, applied as needed by macerating fruit or plants in eau de vie made from the same aged fruit. An infusion is then extracted, and liquid sugar is added. They come out at 30 to 35% ABV.

Liqueurs do not benefit from being aged. We recommend that you drink them within five to seven years of purchase.

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Mirabelle Eau de Vie

Price €34.50
Dès la fin du 19ème siècle, des vins mousseux étaient élaborés en Alsace selon la méthode traditionnelle. La personnalité originale et la qualité...
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Eaux de vie and liqueurs