Marc de Gewurztraminer

Grape clusters release most of their juice during pressing. At the bottom of the press though, the crushed berries remain, still containing a tiny bit of pulp and juice. This is the “marc”, otherwise known as pomace. Gewurztraminer is a very flavourful variety with skins that are extremely rich in aromas. Its fresh marc is fermented in tanks for six to eight weeks, to allow the residual sugar content to turn into alcohol. The marc is then distilled to produce a white alcohol, rich in taste. Since 2009, this eau de vie has had its own AOC (controlled designation of origin). Our Marc de Gewurztraminer is very aromatic and powerful. It possesses remarkable persistence. In addition to its digestive properties, it is also used in pastries and to drizzle on certain sorbets like lemon.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
45 %
Size (ml)
700 ml
VAT included

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