Williams Pear Eau de Vie

First crafted as recently as the 1950s, this eau de vie (also known as “Pear Williams”) is world-famous. Williams pears mature between late August and early September. Their skin is yellow, and their flesh is fine, white and very tender, juicy and flavourful. They are pome fruit which, like stone fruit, can be distilled after fermentation. The flavour extraction process is more complicated than it might seem, so the distiller’s precision and expertise make all the difference. The choice of raw materials is crucial: the pears must be ripe, healthy and undamaged to prevent any risk of a bad taste. The resulting eau de vie is elegant and flavourful, featuring the typical fragrances of the fruit. Its powerful, sweet bouquet makes it the most popular of eau de vie. It skilfully reveals the rich soil in which the fruit grew, manifesting the pears’ delicate, nuanced flavours.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
45 %
Size (ml)
700 ml
VAT included

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