2022 Vendanges Tardives Gewurztraminer

This late harvest Gewurztraminer releases sweetness and warmth on the palate, expressing the aromatic intensity of its fruit and spices. The candied flavour and the floral notes of rose further enhance the complexity of the fragrances on the palate and endow it with prolonged persistence.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
13 % ABV
Sustained yellow with golden glints
Tasting notes
With its exceptional aromatic strength, this wine radiates floral aromas (mainly rose) at first whiff. This is followed by peppery notes of peony and hawthorn, leading you into the register of spices. It finishes with the fruitiness of lychee, and then candied citrus and pineapple.
Serving temperature
Alsatian wines are best when chilled to a temperature of 8-10°C.
At least 8 to 10 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
This Gewurztraminer’s strong personality goes well with foods that are rich in flavour. Its exotic touches are like an invitation to travel, in the form of a Martinique fruit salad, chicken curry or tandoori, pineapple flambéed with rum, and so on. Dare to pair with flavours from around the world! For those who prefer our regional cuisine, this wine will also be outstanding with a flamiche tart with Maroilles cheese for example, or else angel wing doughnuts or a tasty Alsatian gugelhupf cake.

Pairing suggestions
Chic cocktail and reception nibbles Foie gras
Asian cuisine with exotic flavours
Hot, spicy dishes
Blue-veined cheeses
Strong cheeses (like Munster)

VAT included

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