2023 Clevner Pinot Blanc – Gold Medal - Wine Competition of Mâcon

Pinot Blanc (also known as Clevner) builds on moderate acidity to produce a light, tender wine. The choice of the harvest date is essential to this wine which combines the characteristics of solid maturity, without losing any of its freshness. Discreetly fruity, with notes of peach and apple plus floral touches, it can help to balance your dishes without going overboard.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
12.5 % ABV
Light, clear yellow with glints of green
Tasting notes
This is an expressive wine, evocative of orchard fruit and white flowers.
Serving temperature
Alsatian wines are best when chilled to a temperature of 8-10°C.
2 to 3 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
Whether served with simple dishes (a cold buffet of fish and charcuterie, grilled sardines, baked chicken or pork roast) or with more elaborate cuisine (moules marinières, stuffed carp or almond-crusted trout), Pinot Blanc is a wine for any occasion where friendliness and simplicity are the words of the day.

Pairing suggestions
Salads and crudités
Steamed vegetables
Sea scallops
Raw, marinated fish and sushi
Grilled fish
Fish in sauce
Terrines and pâtés
Poultry and other white meat
Raclette and fondue

VAT included

  Livraison en 8 jours ouvrés

Offerte à partir de 24 bouteilles
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