The term “Edelzwicker” refers to blends of white grape varieties from the Alsace AOC. It is a uniquely Alsatian trait. In a region which identifies its wines by the name of their primary variety, Edelzwicker is the only one that comes from a blend of multiple varieties. This fruity wine is a combination of fresh, light and balanced.

Data sheet

We make our Edelzwicker from fresh, light Sylvaner, supple, lively Pinot Blanc, Riesling for an extra touch of freshness and Gewurztraminer for enhanced persistence and harmony.
Alcohol content
12% ABV
Very pale yellow
Tasting notes
This aromatic, expressive wine releases a slightly floral bouquet.
Serving temperature
Alsatian wines are best when chilled to a temperature of 8-10°C.
3 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
This assertive wine boasts consistent quality and is wonderful to enjoy with friends on its own or with a charcuterie board. It is also a terrific accompaniment for any simple, tasty dish.

Pairing suggestions
Salads and crudités
Fish in sauce

VAT included

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