2021 St-Hippolyte Rouge – Barrel-aged

Pinot Noir is the only red variety grown in the region. It is used to make this wine with its typical fruitiness evocative of cherries. Alsace’s Saint-Hippolyte Rouge communal appellation enshrines the quality of the red wines made from our village terroir. The soil full of iron ore endows this Alsatian red with a singular expression, thanks to its characteristic aromas of ripe berries. This Saint-Hippolyte Rouge then continues to mature for a year in oak barrels.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
13,5 % ABV
Intense red with purplish-blue glints
Tasting notes
Although you will certainly be able to identify the berry fragrances which are typical of Pinot Noir, you can also perceive clear roasted and vanilla notes, remnants of the time spent in oak barrels.
Serving temperature
Saint-Hippolyte Rouge is served at a temperature of around 15°C.
At least 10 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Grown on a strictly delimited terroir, the soil is granitic and more or less decomposed (granite sand), with variable proportions of clay. The exposure is predominantly southeastern.
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
This delightful full-bodied, robust wine is easy to pair with a wide variety of foods. Its beautiful dark colour and firm tannins are an excellent match for red meat and game. For an original meal, try it with a bison steak or venison fillet served with a cranberry sauce, or else a duck breast with morello cherries.

Pairing suggestions
Red meat
Meat in sauce
Grilled meat

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