2023 Pinot Noir (Red)

This is a fresh wine with a fairly light structure and fragrances of nicely ripened berries (like blackcurrant, cherry and raspberry), sometimes with subtle notes of leather or vanilla.

Once they have been completely stripped, the grapes macerate with the must, as they ferment for five or six days. In the morning and evening, the juice is pumped over to gently extract the colour and supple tannins. This red winemaking method is respectful of the fruit and the structure of Pinot Noir. Maturation continues for nine months in stainless steel tanks.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
13 % ABV
True red with nice intensity
Tasting notes
The nose is very fruity, with aromas of small berries and raspberry, typical of Pinot Noir grapes.
Serving temperature
Alsatian Pinot Noir is best when chilled to a temperature of 12-15°C.
About 5 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
Served chilled (but not ice cold), this dry wine is very popular with a country buffet of cold cuts and charcuterie for simple yet effective pairings! It is the ideal wine for a picnic with friends.

Pairing suggestions
Red and grilled meat
Meat in sauce

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