2022 Riesling – Gilbert & Gaillard Gold Medal

Riesling is a refined and distinctive wine that is fantastic with fine cuisine. It releases an incomparable array of sensations, featuring citrus (lemon, grapefruit and citronella) and floral notes (white flowers and linden blossom). The freshness that is typical of this variety and the acidity of its flavours endow this wine with a strong presence, capable of accompanying any meal.

This balanced wine is full of character, with a long finish ending on a very lively note.

Data sheet

Alcohol content
12.5 % ABV
Pale yellow with bright green glints
Tasting notes
A direct wine with a nose dominated by the grapes, with citrusy flavours and subtle floral notes.
Serving temperature
Alsatian wines are best when chilled to a temperature of 8-10°C.
3 to 6 years at an ambient temperature of 10-15°C
Size (ml)
750 ml

Food pairings
Riesling is the fine dining wine par excellence. It pairs wonderfully with seafood, white meat and other delicate dishes. It is traditionally served with regional specialities like sauerkraut, baeckeoffe (meat casserole), matelote (fish stew), and so on. For a more original option, it goes great with goat cheese.

Pairing suggestions
Sea scallops
Raw, marinated fish and sushi
Grilled fish
Fish in sauce
Poultry and other white meat
Goat and sheep cheese

VAT included

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