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Sylvaner Sylvaner
Our Sylvaner will appeal to you by its freshness and its thirst-quenching touch, it is a dry, pleasant and easy to drink wine.

You will felicitously discover it on seafood, toasted fish, selection of cold ham, etc…

Clevner - Pinot Blanc Clevner - Pinot Blanc
As a sincere fellow, our Clevner-Pinot Blanc will go with you when friendliness feels itself home. Lively and well-balanced, you will appreciate it with traditional food, cold table, mixed salad, cold starter.

Cleverly mixing a very personal touch with the classic qualities of Pinot Blanc, it is one of the top-quality wines of our house.

Riesling Riesling
Gastronomic wine above all else, our Riesling is fine and powerful with exotic and citrus fruit aromas. It has an elegant nose that suggests the refinement of mineral subtleties.

It will enchant you with fish, seafood, shellfish, white meat and of course Alsatian specialities such as sauerkraut.
You will associate it imaginatively with all goat’s milk cheeses.

Pinot Gris Pinot Gris
It is a very perfumed wine bearing the particular aromas of this type of vine (candied fruits and dried fruit) as well as those of the undergrowth which make it more complex. Its mouth is rich in a sugary touch that will delight your taste without overwhelming it.

Our Pinot Gris is a wine of pleasure that will go with your refined apéritifs, white toasted meats, fowls cooked in a sauce, smoked salmon and foie gras.

Muscat Muscat
This wine is intensely aromatic. Its character is mostly fruity with the fresh grapes aromas as well as blackcurrant touches.

You will taste our Muscat as an aperitif, with a cold buffet or with asparagus spears.
Regularly prized, our house is proud of its Muscat.

Gewurztraminer Gewurztraminer
Intense with flower aromas (rose petal, violet) but furthermore with fruit scents (mango, lychee), depending on its vintage, our Gewurtztraminer will surprise you with its opulence and aromatic persistence.

You will serve it as an aperitif, with foie gras, strong cheeses or exotic cooking.

Crémant Crémant
Our Crémant stemsfrom the Pinot Blanc type of vine, which makes it a gentle, lissom and well-balanced wine. It is better to drink it when still young and must be served chilled between 5°C and 7°C.

This cocktail party wine will ideally go with your refined apéritifs. Its discreetly fruity freshness will ennoble all gastronomic combinations during the meals.

Crémant Rosé Crémant Rosé
This Crémant Rosé is vinified only with Pinot Noir, which gives it a light salmon pink colour. It expresses beautiful aromas of red fruits like raspberry and cherry.

With its fine bubbles and its fresh acidity, this sparkling rosé is a perfect aperitif.
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