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riesling Eclat du Terroir Riesling - Eclat du Terroir
A feminine touch for a powerful wine.
This wine is particularly well-balanced, powerful and smooth, proud and elegant, velvety and fresh in the mouth. Its evolutional mineral note makes it an expressive Riesling.

Our Riesling Schlossreben comes out of a soil rich in silica and quartz, constituted of a mix between coarse sand and alluvium dating back to the Quaternary Period.

pinot gris Eclat du Terroir Pinot Gris - Eclat du Terroir
A lissom and sunny wine.
Famous for its particularly well-exposed soil, this wine of complex aromas is delightful to all wine-lovers, connoisseurs or not.

Our Pinot Gris Geissberg benefits from a granite and gneiss soil with feldspar and black mica crystals that enrich this vintage wine with a mineral touch.

gewurztraminer Eclat du Terroir Gewurztraminer - Eclat du Terroir
Full-bodied and aromatic.
Yellow and enlightened with golden reflections, this wine subtly expresses aromas of a great complexity.
Flowery notes dominated by rose scent are married to a spicy and mineral touch.

Our Gewurtztraminer-Schlossreben tells marvellously of its siliceous origins.

st hippolyte rouge - Pinot noir St-Hippolyte Rouge - Pinot Noir
A cleverly fruity wine.
All through the years, this vintage has become famous thanks to its Morello cherries, red berries and black cherries aromas.
It starts frankly in your mouth with a taste of silky tannins.

As time goes by, it develops rocky aromas that the grapes find in a highly granitic soil : here the soil can be only a few centimetres deep and it is throughout the rock that vine has to draw its energy.
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