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Oak-barrel ageing

St-Hippolyte Rouge - Pinot Noir Oak-barrel ageing
St-Hippolyte Rouge - Pinot Noir Oak-barrel ageing
Selected among our best red wines, this vintage is improved by an ageing in French oak casks.

You will appreciate the red berries aromas typical of our Rouge de Saint-Hippolyte Burgreben, but also toasted and vanilla-scented touches, subtle legacy of its wedding with this noble wood.

Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes
Round and smooth.
This pale yellow wine is dominated by aromas of yellow fruits (plum, apple, peach).

Its fresh and fruity mouth will enchant you as an aperitif but also with a light and refined cuisine, and accompany with delicacy fruit pies.

Grande Réserve Gewurztraminer

Grande Réserve Pinot Gris

Grande Réserve Riesling
Grande Réserve vintages
There, the vintage’s features make room for overmaturation ad candied fruits touches that come to raise the aromatic complexity of our “Grande Reserve”.

Picked in our oldest vineyards a few weeks after the others, those grapes give birth to rich wines, thick and smooth where acidity and sweetness perfectly balance.

Late Harvest Wines Gewurztraminer

Late Harvest Wines Pinot Gris

Late Harvest Wines Riesling
Late Harvest Wines
Needless to speak of these jewel’s fame. It is very patiently that we wait for Nature and its noble rot to make its alchemy on those exceptional grapes cautiously picked at wintry weather.

These syrupy wines impress by their remarkable richness and thickness and by their incomparable complexity.

You will taste them for the pleasure of your senses.
They will bring you great moments of relish.

Vendanges Tardives

Gewurztraminer Grains Nobles Gewurztraminer Grains Nobles
This wine will seduce you with its powerful aromas and fine notes of rose and apricot.

Its exceptional length and aftertaste confirm the exceptional richness of this wine.

This Gewurztraminer will accompany with success foie gras and desserts.

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